Wareham Brownie Troop 80801 lead by Amy Goodwin and Dawna Gauvin invited Barbara Bailey of the Wareham Historical Commission to present a short history of Wareham on February 16, 2009.  The Brownies were working toward the “Wave the Flag” Try-it badge.  One of the four requirements was learning about their community.

Using artifacts, maps and pictures to illustrate Wareham’s history from its geological beginning to the iron industry and cranberry farming, the girls listened to a short history of the town.

Learning about the ethnic groups who settled here was of interest because the Greek immigrants, very important in farming of cranberries, had been inadvertently left off the list.  Someone quickly pointed out the omission.

Tobey Hospital became the high point of the evening.  The girls all had a story to tell.  “I was born at Tobey Hospital.”  “I broke my arm and went to the hospital.”

It was a pleasure to talk with such an attentive and interactive audience.  The Brownies took an important first step in learning about local history.